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Look-see Program
We tailor-make this program to fit the transferee´s individual needs. We accompany you on a tour of the city while giving detailed information about living in Stockholm to make sure you are making an informed decision before accepting an assignment in Stockholm.

We´ll also arrange and accompany you to schools and clubs as requested.

Tax Consultancy
The key to a successful relocation is early planning, careful execution and being able to understand the financial consequences when moving to a new country.

Let us help your employee to understand and navigate through the essential steps to get a good picture of what his/her financial situation will look like in Sweden.

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immigration services

Immigrations Services
Being equipped with the correct legal status is crucial in order to start your assignment in Sweden. We´ll assist companies and their employees with the required steps for work permits and residence registrations.

Home-finding Program
Each housing market has its own quirks and challenges. We believe it´s crucial to understand the Stockholm housing market in order to set realistic expectations but we are experts in guiding you through the process.

We´ll accompany the transferee to home viewings based on a completed needs assessment. The program also includes scheduling the properties, lease completion, property inspection, key coordination and utility hook-ups.

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settle in

Settling-in Programs
Once settled in your new home, a quick and stress-free transition to daily life in Stockholm is essential for the very best commencement of your new life.In our experience those with accompanying families are in more need of extra care and we therefore have different programs for singles and families. Items offered in programs are;

• Civic registration
• Bank account
• Swedish ID-card
• Import of Vehicle
• Driver´s license
• School applications
• Insurance
• Social insurance
• Import of pets

If you have any other needs please don´t hesitate to ask us and we´ll do our best to accommodate you.

Hospitality Program
Where settling-in support ends often transferees and their families are left alone to get on with their new adventure. We are able to extend support for a longer period of time since having a helping “friend” in your new town when you want for example to do that little outdoor trip has proven to be of great value to the transferee.



repatriation program

Repatriation Program
Once your assignment in Stockholm is completed this program will get you through the process without leaving and loose ends behind.

We´ll assist you with the closing of accounts and services. We´ll also coordinate the key handover and the return of the deposit.

Temporary Housing
A serviced apartment is often the most effective option for short-term assignments in Stockholm. It´s also a good solution for those that require accommodation for the period between arrival in Stockholm and until they are able to move into their long-term housing.

Stockholm Insider provides information on available options and will coordinate lease processing upon selection.

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lease renewal


Lease Renewal
Sometimes, and quite often in Stockholm, assignments extend and an extension of the lease is needed. We´ll assist with the following;

• Confirmation of new contract term with the company/transferee
• Negotiation of monthly rent and/or requests
• Review contract terms and negotiation of irregular articles
• Coordination of contract signing

Airport Pick-up Services
Worried about how to get from the airport to your hotel after a journey with young children and lots of luggage? Leave it to us to make arrangements for a chauffeured transportation from the airport to your destination.

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