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making a successful relocation

Stockholm Insider is known to be true to its Vision; "Relocation with Dedication®", we are proud about this and we will always walk the extra mile to meet your expectations. There are three key areas you need to pay extra attention to in order to make a successful relocation.



Sweden is a popular immigration country and the Migration Agency has a heavy workload. It is very important to submit correct applications in right order to avoid lengthy and frustrating delays. We have a long experience in securing work permits for our clients and transferees.


find a home

The housing market in Stockholm is very competitive. This is truly an insider market; it requires a lot of local knowledge and networking to find a place where you want to live. It can be a stressful experience, so why not let the Insider help you finding your new home.

Settling in


settling in

There are many things to settle, large and small, during a move to Stockholm. Schools shall be chosen, utilities need to be hooked up, and parking permits must be obtained, only to mention a few. Let us help you relax, we do not leave any stone unturned to make you comfortable and able to focus on what matters in your new Life in Stockholm.

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